Floral Accents Has Finally Bitten The Bullet…….

7 Apr

…..and set up a blog on all things to do with wedding flowers!

It was a couple of lovely friends who suggested scribbling down some of our ramblings about wedding flowers and flowers in general, gleaned from our experience as specialist wedding florists.  When asked what we might blog about, one of them – you know who you are(!) – commented that, and we quote, “I’m sure chicks Google flowers for a wedding etc. when they are making their plans for the big day…….and might welcome some advice from someone in the know”.  So this is for all those “chicks” (and Grooms) who are getting married out there – or simply for those who are interested in beautiful flowers – welcome!

So a bit of background about us and our credentials….

Floral Accents is a small, independently owned floral design business specialising in bespoke wedding and events flowers with a simple aim – to provide creative and stunning flowers that leave a lasting impression, from vintage inspired looks to clean, contemporary lines.  Based in Reigate (Surrey, UK) we cover Surrey, West Sussex, East Sussex, Hampshire, Kent and London.   If you’re interested in finding out more about us, take a look at www.floral-accents.co.uk.

So welcome to our new & shiny blog – let us know what you think!



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