A Royal Wedding Romp!

3 May

In the true spirit of celebrating the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton last Friday, our lovely friends at Grace Bridal Boutique in Wescott, Surrey ( www.graceofwescott.com ), decided to take the bull by the horns and go in search of their own “Prince William”.

I suspect that there were a few surprised faces when three gorgeous models walked into some of the pubs and garden parties dressed in stunning bridal gowns complete with veils, tiaras and bridal bouquets……

Photo courtesy of http://www.simonjpope.co.uk

….but all seemed to enjoy it!   So much so, that Barbara even pulled a pint for a lucky gentleman…….

Photo courtesy of http://www.simonjpope.co.uk

…..and one passer-by actually took a photo for his own album!

Photo courtesy of http://www.simonjpope.co.uk

Leanne did a fantastic job with the model’s hair ( www.weddinghairbyleanne.co.uk ), we of course, provided the lovely pastel coloured bridal bouquets ( www.floral-accents.co.uk ), and  Simon, as always, took some great photos of the jaunt around Surrey ( www.simonjpope.co.uk ).

Photo courtesy of http://www.simonjpope.co.uk

But sadly, I’m not sure that the girls found what they were looking for as Prince William and Prince Harry were a little preoccupied in Westminster Abbey – so they borrowed a bike……..

Photo courtesy of http://www.simonjpope.co.uk

and cycled home alone instead.   Oh well – always next time girls!

Photo courtesy of http://www.simonjpope.co.uk

AN INVITE TO OUR BRIDAL SHOWCASE EVENT – 8 MAY.  Not found your dream dress, unsure about the flowers for your bouquet and venue, need inspiration about what hair style to have for your wedding, or confused about the different wedding photo options?  Come along to our informal and relaxed Bridal Showcase on 8 May between 12-4pm and meet us all over a glass of bubbly.  We’d be delighted to hear all about your wedding plans and to offer you advice on achieving your dream wedding.  Please see the Floral Accents website – www.floral-accents.co.uk – for more information and to RSVP.


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