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Vintage-Inspired Roses

11 Aug

“Classic”, “romantic”, and “vintage” are excellent words to describe Carol and Steve’s wedding – fitting for their lovely ancient church setting and romantic old country house reception at Horsley Towers.

Soft pink Sweet Avalanche roses, ivory cream Avalanche roses, Cafe Latte garden roses and dusky pink Dark Hypnose roses

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Carol’s bridal gown was simple and classic – and very Grace Kelly – so we chose a selection of beautiful roses to complement both the colour of the dress and the elegant look. Soft antique-pink Sweet Avalanche roses, deep dusky pink Dark Hypnose roses, vanilla cream Avalanche roses, and a beautifully fragranced mocha-coloured garden rose called Cafe Latte (also known as Julia Baby) were fashioned into a handtied bridal bouquet accompanied a scattering of variegated pittosporum foliage, with the stems simply bound with an ivory cream ribbon and studded with pearl-headed pins.

Handtied bridal bouquet of soft pink Sweet Avalanche roses, ivory cream Avalanche roses, dusky pink Dark Hypnose roses, and Cafe Latte garden roses with variegated pittosporum

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The bridesmaids held smaller handtied bouquets of soft pink Sweet Avalanche and ivory cream Avalanche roses accompanied by variegated pittosporum – which was a nice contrast with their stunning mocha-coloured dresses.

Handtied bridesmaid bouquets of soft pink Sweet Avalanche and ivory cream Avalanche roses and variegated pittosporum

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Carol and Steve got married in their local church in Merrow, Surrey – and Carol had asked for a large dramatic pedestal arrangement which we designed in ivory creams and soft pinks to lighten up the dark space. Gerbera, Sweet Avalanche roses, alstromeria, stocks, and snapdragon all featured – creating an eye-popping treat for guests and the happy couple as they entered the church.

Church pedestal arrangement - of cream Gerbera, soft pink Sweet Avalanche roses, white stocks, white snapdragon, pale pink alstromeria and assorted foliage

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This soft pink and ivory cream theme was also followed through in the pretty pew ends – tied simply with ivory chiffon ribbon so as not to damage the old wooden pews.

Pew ends - with soft pink Sweet Avalanche and ivory cream Avalanche roses, tied with an ivory chiffon ribbon

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Having set-up in the church and delivered the bridal bouquets, we rushed back to Horsley Towers to complete the venue decor – placing rose- studded bay trees either side of the main door to welcome guests on their arrival to the wedding reception (and we crossed fingers and toes that they survived the wind – they seemed to, as they were all in once piece the following day – phew!).

Bay trees - studded with soft pink and cream roses - outside the front door of Horsley Towers

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To add to the romance of the day, Carol and Steve decided upon table centres with candles for the wedding breakfast – with the soft pink and dusky pink roses, wax flower, sedum, fragrant white stocks, and foliage – that they gave to some of their guests to take home with them the following day……

Candle table centres - of pale pinks, greens, ivory and dusky pinks

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….and opted for a (very long) traditional and classic top table arrangement with long variegated ivy trailing down either side of the old fireplace. We were very impressed to learn, that Carol’s Uncle managed to fit the top table arrangement in his car after the reception without dismantling it- we’re not sure quite how he achieved this, as we almost struggled to get it to the venue in one piece!!

Traditional long and low top table arrangement of pale pinks, creams and dusky pinks

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Despite the rainy start to the wedding day, the sun managed to find it’s way out to help Carol and Steve celebrate. Which only goes to show that the ancient proverb is right: “A misty morning does not signify a cloudy day”. Congratulations to you both. X

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