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A Country Village Affair…….. (Part II)

11 Aug

A few weeks ago, we blogged about a fab country village wedding in Shere set deep in the Surrey Hills countryside – and we are now lucky enough to share some of the official wedding photographs with you courtesy of our lovely Bride and Groom, Lucy and Steve and their fab photographer, Kathryn Lacey.

Freestyle country garden bridal bouquet - of white roses, white hydrangea, chamomile, rosemary, fountain grass and white scabious.

Freestyle country garden bridal bouquet - of white roses, white hydrangea, chamomile, rosemary, fountain grass, white scabious and ivy. Copyright of Floral Accents -

Country garden bridal bouquet and bridesmaid posies of gypsophila

Lucy and her bridemaids at home before departing for the church - all looking beautiful! Copyright of Floral Accents -

Church ceremony flowers

You may now kiss the Bride - awwwh! Copyright of Floral Accents -

Bride and Groom standing underneath the foliage and gypsophila garland surrounding the church door

Stealing another kiss - this time underneath the foliage and gypsophila garland surrounding the church door. Copyright of Floral Accents -

Table centres - glass jars filled with a variety of white and green flowers

Cute, rustic table centres - glass jam jars filled with a selection of white and green flowers to match the colour scheme. Copyright of Floral Accents -

Bride and Groom - just married!

The happy couple! Copyright of Floral Accents -

Close-up of the bridal bouquet

Bridal bouquet detail - white scabious, chamomile, fountain grass, Akito roses, white hydrangea, rosemary and ivy. Copyright of Floral Accents -

Many congratulations to Lucy and Steve – you both looked absolutely gorgeous.  Good luck for future and stay in touch! xx

A Country Village Affair……. (Part I)

2 Aug

Well, a country village wedding to be more precise – in a beautiful archetypal English village in the depths of the stunning Surrey countryside – but the whole village pitched in to help in the wedding preparations of local girl, Lucy and her fiancé Steve.   Shere – famed for its appearances in many a Hollywood film (e.g. The Holiday, Bridget Jones, The Wedding Date) – set the scene for this July wedding.

Table plan decorated with gypsophila

Image copyright of Floral Accents -


As the wedding reception was being held in a marquee in her Mum’s garden, Lucy wanted a country-garden look – and asked us to source the flowers from British growers as far as possible.  So with this in mind, we designed Lucy a freestyle bouquet of white roses, white hydrangea, chamomile, fountain grass and white scabious – accompanied with rosemary and hoops of variegated ivy.  We kept the stems unbound and slightly longer than usual to add to the “just picked out of the garden” look that Lucy wanted.  Informal, relaxed, but still gorgeous.

Freestyle "just picked" garden flower bouquet

Image copyright of Floral Accents -


Lucy also wanted to incorporate gypsophila (also known as baby’s breath) into the wedding celebrations – and as it’s one of her Mum’s favourite flowers, this was really important to her.  So we created posies of gypsophila for her three bridesmaids to carry – a modern yet pretty twist on a flower often used as a “filler” – simply tied with a white chiffon ribbon and bow………..

Bridemaid bouquet - fluffy mounds of gypsophila

Image copyright of Floral Accents -


…..and even incorporated a little accent of it in the scabious corsages for the ladies which pleased her Mum who wore hers to decorate her small handbag.

Ladies corsages of white scabious with a small accent of gypsophila

Image copyright of Floral Accents -


Although the couple were having a traditional church ceremony, Lucy was keen not to have the traditional, formal look of pedestal arrangements for the church.  So instead, we used very tall galvanised metal buckets which we placed on some freestanding plinths…..

Galvanised metal buckets of white hydrangeas, snapdragons, Akito roses, fountain grass and assorted foliage

Image copyright of Floral Accents -


…and created simple pew ends of assorted foliage and gypsophila tied with pretty mint green chiffon ribbon (which doubled up as marquee garlands around in the inside of the tent after the ceremony, tied simply with more trailing mint chiffon ribbon)…….

Rustic gypsophila and foliage pew ends - tied with a mint chiffon ribbon

Image copyright of Floral Accents -


….and decorated the entrance of the church with a foliage and gypsophila garland framing the church door.

Foliage and gypsophila garland framing the church door

Image copyright of Floral Accents -

Detail of the foliage and gypsophila galand around the church door

Image copyright of Floral Accents -


The country garden theme continued into the wedding breakfast – with simple glass jam jars decorated with a band of mint green ribbon (and hats off to Lucy for patiently sticking these on!!) filled with a selection of garden flowers.  These pretty jars of roses, hydrangea, scabious, rosemary, fountain grass, chamomile and gypsophila were arranged in a circle on each table with a scattering of table crystals………….

Rustic jam jars filled with gypsophila, chamomile, scabious, rosemary, fountain grass, roses and hydrangea

Image copyright of Floral Accents -


and were re-distributed the morning after the wedding by Lucy and her Mum to all the neighbours who’d helped make the day so special.  A sweet little “thank-you” left on various doorsteps around the village – which we thought was a lovely touch indeed for what was a truly inclusive country village wedding!

Garden flowers in jam jars decorate a marquee table

Image copyright of Floral Accents -

Part II of this blog post – with photos of the Bride and Groom – might also be of interest.  Click on “A Country Village Affair….(Part II).

A Royal Wedding Romp!

3 May

In the true spirit of celebrating the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton last Friday, our lovely friends at Grace Bridal Boutique in Wescott, Surrey ( ), decided to take the bull by the horns and go in search of their own “Prince William”.

I suspect that there were a few surprised faces when three gorgeous models walked into some of the pubs and garden parties dressed in stunning bridal gowns complete with veils, tiaras and bridal bouquets……

Photo courtesy of

….but all seemed to enjoy it!   So much so, that Barbara even pulled a pint for a lucky gentleman…….

Photo courtesy of

…..and one passer-by actually took a photo for his own album!

Photo courtesy of

Leanne did a fantastic job with the model’s hair ( ), we of course, provided the lovely pastel coloured bridal bouquets ( ), and  Simon, as always, took some great photos of the jaunt around Surrey ( ).

Photo courtesy of

But sadly, I’m not sure that the girls found what they were looking for as Prince William and Prince Harry were a little preoccupied in Westminster Abbey – so they borrowed a bike……..

Photo courtesy of

and cycled home alone instead.   Oh well – always next time girls!

Photo courtesy of

AN INVITE TO OUR BRIDAL SHOWCASE EVENT – 8 MAY.  Not found your dream dress, unsure about the flowers for your bouquet and venue, need inspiration about what hair style to have for your wedding, or confused about the different wedding photo options?  Come along to our informal and relaxed Bridal Showcase on 8 May between 12-4pm and meet us all over a glass of bubbly.  We’d be delighted to hear all about your wedding plans and to offer you advice on achieving your dream wedding.  Please see the Floral Accents website – – for more information and to RSVP.

The Perfect Bridal Bouquet – 6 Tips On How To Get It!

12 Apr

You’re getting married and want the very best for your wedding day.  As the happy couple, you are undeniably the focus of the wedding day and flowers will play a large part in your overall look and subsequently the look and feel of the rest of your wedding day. So where do you start when it comes to getting the bridal bouquet and wedding flowers of your dreams for your big day?  There are no hard and fast rules – gorgeous wedding bouquets can be created with practically any flower – but here are some things to think about when contemplating what flowers will work best for you and your wedding:


STYLE AND THEME OF YOUR OVERALL WEDDING –it’s important to decide upon the theme of the overall wedding before selecting a bouquet style to ensure that the flowers suit the style of the wedding.

TIP 1: scribble down some words that describe your perfect wedding day to help focus on the style and theme you want to create.  A good florist will be able to suggest suitable flowers and styles that will complement the look and feel that you want from your wedding day.

Informal handtied bouquets of sunflowers, bright orange "pom pom" flowers, red spray roses and eucalyptus

A "just picked look" is ideal for a more informal wedding. Copyright of Floral Accents.


 FLOWERS YOU LIKE OR DON’T LIKE – have a think about what flowers you are automatically drawn to and what it is that you like about them.  Flower choices may well be influenced by your colour scheme, whether you’d like fragrant flowers (see below), and the longevity of flowers.  Some brides like to incorporate flowers that their mothers/grandmothers had in their wedding bouquets.

 TIP 2: collect pictures from the internet/magazines of flowers and bouquets that you like, to create a “mood board” to guide your wedding florist.

Copyright of Floral Accents. Photo kindly supplied by


FRAGRANCE – some brides like to incorporate flowers that will provide a signature scent in their wedding bouquet to evoke memories of the day in years to come.  Freesias, stephanotis, sweet peas, stocks, and lavender are some of the flowers that will provide that special scent, but be careful not to over-do it!

 TIP 3: foliage such as rosemary, sage and eucalyptus have a more subtle fragrance that works well in wedding bouquets.

Sage and rosemary give a signature fragrance to this bridal bouquet of Sweet Avalanche roses. Copyright of Floral Accents.


COLOUR – almost any colour can be incorporated into your wedding bouquet and quite often, the choice of colour is influenced by the bridesmaid dresses, the time of day you’re getting married, the season, or simply your favourite colour.  Popular colour schemes are simple whites/creams, pastels, monochromatic (different varieties of flowers of the same colour), or vibrant brights.

 TIP 4: if you opt for an all-white or cream bouquet, make sure it’s edged with foliage so it doesn’t seemingly merge into your dress.

Phalaenopsis orchids stand out from the bridal gown simply by adding dark green tropical leaves and steel grass in this shower bouquet. Copyright of Floral Accents.


SIZE AND STYLE OF BOUQUET – these elements are often largely determined by your dress style and your body shape.  Shower bouquets look great with fuller long-length dresses, more streamlined dresses work best with smaller hand-tied bouquets or single stems, and dresses with a lot of detailed embroidery suit over-the-arm bouquets or a beautiful wrist corsage.

 TIP 5: a good florist will be able to advise you on the shape and style of bouquet that will best suit you and your dress – so bring photos or images of your dress along when you meet them.

Over-the-arm bouquet of lilac Avant Garde roses, lisianthus and assorted foliage. Copyright of Floral Accents. Photo supplied by Dress courtesy of Kate Sherford.


ACCESSORIES – wedding bouquets do not necessarily have to be made up of all flowers or foliage.  Your wedding florist can incorporate pearl beads, diamante sparkles or even feathers amongst other things to create something a little different for you.

 TIP 6: ask your florist to wrap the stems of your bouquet with a piece of antique lace or attach a vintage brooch to the handle of your bouquet to make it even more special and meaningful.

Adding a vintage brooch gives this hand-tied bridal bouquet of raspberry-pink Milano roses some added glamour. Copyright of Floral Accents.


Good luck! x

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