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Sunflowers – Great for Late Summer Weddings

16 Aug
Mixed sunflower handtied bridal bouquet - with orange carthamus and deep red spray roses

Mixed sunflower handtied bridal bouquet - with silvery eucalyptus, orange carthamus and deep red spray roses tied with raffia. Copyright of Floral Accents - http://www.floral-accents.co.uk

We love sunflowers – they’re bright and summery, and generally make people smile when they see them! They’re a very happy flower – and they’re becoming more and more popular for Brides getting married in the late Summer/early Autumn months. Why? Well, not only do they look amazing in either contemporary designs or more rustic settings, but they are also relatively inexpensive during their peak growing season – and the sheer size of the head, means that you need less stems to create an impact, making it a perfect bloom for Brides and Grooms on a tight budget.

Although bright yellow is perhaps the colour that most people associate with the word “sunflower”, there are also varieties in different shades of reds (such as Prado Red and Ruby Eclipse varieties), softer lemon (Sunrich Lemon), brown-black (Moulin Rouge), and deep egg-yolk yellow/orange varieties (such as Prado Gold) amongst others. The “Sunbright” and “Sunrich” varieties have been specially cultivated to shed less pollen – making these ideal varieties for bridal and bridesmaid bouquets.

Use sunflowers on their own to create a dramatic, bold, contemporary look – or mixed with other flowers and foliage for a more rustic, country garden feel, ideal for more informal wedding receptions in barns or marquees. Brides often favour the bright yellow varieties to add a splash of colour to a black and white colour scheme – but they look equally stunning as a contrast to blues and turquoises. And if you’re looking for something different, the brown seed heads of sunflowers can also be used without the petals – they add a lovely texture to table centres and designs and are favoured by many top London florists.

A few geeky facts about sunflowers:

  • The botanical name for sunflowers is Helianthus – originating from the Greek “Helios” meaning sun and “Anthus” meaning flower, hence “sunflower”;
  • The sunflower dates back approx. 3000 years ago – it was worshiped as a symbol of the sun by the Aztecs and the Otomi of Mexico, Incas of Peru, and later by North American Indians;
  • A sunflower head is made up of between 1000-2000 individual flowers (florets) that are joined together by a base. The large petals surrounding the base are sterile – and are designed to protect the individual florets and the seed that they subsequently become;
  • Sunflowers commonly grow to between 1.5m (5ft) and 3.5m (12ft) high – but the tallest sunflower was 8.03 m (26 ft 4 in) according to the Guinness World Records (August 2009);
  • The sunflower is the national flower of Russia, Ukraine, and Peru, the state flower of the US State of Kansas, and one of the city flowers of Kitakyūshū in Japan.


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